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It is already the time of year again, when you look back and ask yourself where the time has gone and what you have achieved in your life.

This New Year’s Eve we asked ourselves in a group of friends what was the most beautiful and what was the worst events of the year? In the first moment I was completely overwhelmed to answer this question. But the question about the bad events was answered much faster than the one about the good ones.  I not only came up with one bad event but also several events that I could have easily done without.

It’ s somewhat funny… we try to live as good and happy a life as possible, but we can’t remember any nice events.

For 2020 I will ask myself this question more often to appreciate all the beautiful moments in life, but at the same time this question opens up another possibility:

It gives you the opportunity to control the direction you are going in and thus allows you to correct the path you have taken in case of doubt.

At the beginning of the year 2020, I ask myself what went well and what went badly, also with regard to the financial base. Am I still on the right track or have I already taken a wrong turn and lost sight of the course?

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