Hi, I’m J.

Growing up well protected, I developed into a lazy pot smoker during my high school graduation. I began my studies with no goal in mind. The most important thing for me was to get away from the province and do my own thing. Until I was 23 years old, I didn’t care what would happen tomorrow, whether I would make it through my studies or what was happening in the world.

When I was 23 years old, I was lucky enough to go on holiday again with my whole family. There I began to run. I quickly found it fun to set a goal and achieve it. The sport gave me a lot and formed my mindset. The distances became longer and after some marathons I finally came to Triahtlon. In 2018 I finished my first long distance. 3.8 km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42 km running changed my attitude to life. After this event, I knew that I could do anything if I just took it. For this I need a clear mind.

To perform professionally is a matter of course for me, because I get paid for it. Setting private goals, achieving them and becoming stronger are the things that enrich my life. Focused on the things in life that are important to me, I work hard on my mindset and my goals. In this blog I want to take you on this journey. I want to motivate you, reflect me and describe how I prepare for my goals and how I deal with failures. The saying may be boring, but especially in sports I have felt the truth. Failure is often very frustrating, but important ist how you can gain something positive from every situation. Become better, live more fulfilled!

Financial independence, a job that fulfills me, a wonderful girlfriend and a healthy lifestyle are the pillars on which I base my goals. Let’s get started!

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