Hi, I’m K.

 Beginning this blog is like it was for any other exciting new project I ever started. I know the goal but the path to reach it lays under a thick fog screaming at me to better stop. 

 Starting an unknown journey from scratch is by far the scariest part. It seems nearly impossible to find a good starting point because my monkey mind is going haywire. The daunting voice in my head is busy finding things that could go wrong or reasons why I’m not qualified enough to talk about the things that I am interested in. Let alone talking about them not in my native tongue (german) but in english? 

Forget about it.

The only thing to do in such a situation is to set the screaming monkey on the sideline and let the wizard mind do its thing. Let it push you to the starting line and do the smallest possible step in the (hopefully) right direction.

This is one small step in the blogosphere, but a giant step for me.

In the coming month or even years I’m going to write alongside my friend J. on this blog about everything that is empowering us in building the base for a happy and fulfilling life.

To create the base for a rich life, like Ramit Sethi (I will teach you to be rich) would call it, I am eager to get financially independent by investing money in the stock market or by any other reasonable means.

Since reaching financial safety and independence creates enough space to break free of the hamsters wheel I have to look after myself to be able to fully utilize the gained freedom. Creating a healthy and active lifestyle will help me widen the base so that I can truly live a free life I enjoy living.

But creating a smoothly working machine is useless without running a highly functional operating system. Working the soul and getting to know the wonders of the conscious mind combined with the right amount of spirituality/ philosophy rounds out the basis I want to build and cover.

Financial investing, an active way of living paired with the right amount of meditation on the mind are the main topics I’m going to write about on this blog.

I’m looking forward to a fun adventure and many things to learn along the way. And if I can help motivate a stranger out there reading the blog to get on the way to find their fulfilling life I’ll be more than happy.

To a good start!


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