Investment review – Feb. 2020

Feb review 2020

The year 2020 stays exciting and the news cycle does not slow down. The global impact of Covid-19 started to manifest in February and resulted in the worst week for the stock market since 2008/09

As a global pandamic seems to be unstoppable markets went down more than 10% in one week. This resulted in a significant drop of my portfolio as well. 

My total portfolio (ETFs, Stocks, P2P, Crypto) took a hit of – 4,5%. Not to bad under these circumstances. 

Nonetheless I’m not scared or panicky – The market went up quite a bit and in total and is now set back 4 months:

The MSCI World index value is now comparable to Oct. 2019.

The global impact of Covid-19 just started to show and it is still unclear how severe it will be.
Will it result in a global pandemic?  Will markets fall further? Will it lead into a recession?

Who knows – But one thing is clear:

The threat of Covid19 is real and it is important to stay level-headed. We must not panic, give in to fear and believe all media hysteria. 

If you want to learn more about the virus from a vetted source have a look here (Johns Hopkins).

To see how the worst stock drop since 2008 impacted my portfolio keep on reading. 

This month I invested a total of 660€. 

Have a look at the split below:

ETFs and Stocks

This month the ETF savings-plan went on as usual and I also managed to put some money into individual stocks.

One new addition in February is Visa. I see a bright future for the Mastercard as well as Visa. I decided to infest in both but since Visa was in my eyes a bit cheaper I got some V. 

ETF and stocks – Feb. 2020

Dividends – Feb. 2020


This month the P2P investments went really good.

I decided to put no more fund toward P2P at the current moment and watch how it all develops. 

A detailed look at the repaymentrates especially of Bondora will follow soon. 

Nevertheless, the total amount of my P2P pie increased by +20€

Let’s see how it all plays out. 

Total passive income

In February I received in total a passive income stream of 35€.

That’s an increase of +893% compared to Feb. 2019

See the development during 2020 down below:

Moreover, I already earned more passive income in two month than compared to Q1 and Q2 of 2019 combined. 

Portfolio-overview 2020

Have a look at the current portfolio and its development during 2020. 

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