Investment review – Jan. 2020


The start of 2020 was a hell of a ride.

We were near WW3, had the US president impeachment process begin and are now hit by a novel corona virus in Asia. Markets took a few hits but went nonetheless up. Are we still taking part in a rational market?

My portfolio took a few hits as well but I ended the month in the green. Since market gains come and go the important question for me is whether my passive income is increasing or not. 

Well, its increasing in a hell of a tempo. I made in the month of January more than the double compared to the total Q1 of last year. 

Since everything is going into the right direction I stuck to the strategy  and invested a total of 760 in new stocks and ETF while also increasing the emergency cash-fund. 

This month I invested a total of 760€. 

Have a look at the split below:

ETFs and Stocks

This month the ETF savings-plan went on as usual and I also managed to put some money into individual stocks: 

ETF and stocks – Jan. 2020

Have a look at all received dividends: 

Dividends – Jan. 2020


This month the P2P investments went really good.

I decided to put no more fund toward P2P at the current moment and watch how it all develops. 

A detailed look at the repaymentrates especially of Bondora will follow soon. 

Nevertheless, the total amount of my P2P pie increased by roughly +18€

Let’s see how it all plays out. 

Total passive income

In January I received in total a passive income stream of 24€.

Thats an increase of +776% compared to Jan. 2019

See the development during 2020 down below:

Moreover, I already earned more passive income in one month than compared to the total of Q1 2019. 

Portfolio-overview 2020

Have a look at the current portfolio and its development during 2020. 

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