October 2019 in review

Oct. 2019 in review

October was an OK month if it comes to investing. Nothing out of the ordinary happened and the monthly stream of fresh money went into the different buckets.

The stock market developed nicely and my ETF+Stock portfolio gained a bit in value.

My P2P investments resulted in a bit more than last month but no earth shattering gains there.

The  total passive investment once again crossed the 20€/month mark. Compared to last month it decreased a bit because of fewer dividends I received this month.

I’m happy with the current development and working hard to cross the 50€/month next year  🙂

For more details keep reading!


This month I invested a total of 500 €. 

Have a look at the split below:

ETFs and Stocks

This month the ETF savings-plan went on with 200€ and I also managed to put another 200€ into individual stocks: 

ETF and stocks – Oct. 2019

This month i once again received dividends from my individual stocks: 

Dividends – Oct. 2019


This month the P2P investments went on as usually. Nothing extraordinarily good or bad happened.

I’ve put 100 € into my Mintos account and gained a total netto-interest of 8,02 € – thats roughly 3% more than last month! Slowly but steady the interest is building up.

Like last month no additional funds went towards Bondora. Nonetheless I received a total netto interest of 15,77 € (33ct more than last month!) which got automatically reinvested steadily increasing my portfolio. 

Thats a total of 23,79€ this month for all my p2p investments. Thats an anannualized interest of 14,1%. Not bad at all.   


Let’s see how it all plays out. 

Total passive income

In October  I received a passive income stream of in total 23,56€

See the development during 2019 down below:

Portfolio-overview 2019

Have a look at the current portfolio and its development during 2019. 

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