September 2019 in review

Portfolio Update September 2019

September went on to become quite an interesting month. On the one hand, I was able to invest a total of 1100€. I bought new stocks, kept the monthly ETF-savings plan running and put some euro into the p2p-platform Mintos. 

On the other hand, I had to access my emergency fund. I withdrew 4000€ for personal matters later this month right after all investments went through. Fortunately the backup cushion was big enough and the psychological impact was minimal.

This situation once again proved to me the importance of having a personal emergency fund. 

This month I invested a total of 1100€. 

Have a look at the split below:

ETFs and Stocks

This month the ETF savings-plan went on as usual and I also managed to put some money into individual stocks: 

ETF and stocks – Sep. 2019

I also received my first dividend from individual shares adding to the passive income stream. Exciting times 🙂

Dividends – Sep. 2019


This month the P2P investments went really good.

I’ve put 150 € into my Mintos account and gained a total netto-interest of 7,81 €.

No additional funds went towards Bondora this month. Nonetheless I received a total netto interest of 15,44 € which got automatically reinvested steadily increasing my portfolio. 
After looking at the outstanding loans there, I decided that I won’t invest any freesh money at Bondora and just keep the reinvestment running as an experiment. 

Let’s see how it all plays out. 

Total passive income

In September i recieved in total a passive income stream of 24€

See the development during 2019 down below:

Portfolio-overview 2019

Have a look at the current portfolio and its development during 2019. 

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