The Two Day Rule

The Two Day Rule

Our daily life is dominated by rules and our actions are more often than not driven by habit. Good habits. Like brushing our teeth. Bad habits – Like grabbing unconsciously for a bottle of soda or a bar of chocolate. Habits can be a blessing or a curse.

As defined in the Cambridge Dictionary a habit is something that we do often and regularly, sometimes without knowing that we are doing it (-1-).

The word „regularly“ is the tricky part. We know that we should floss our teeth regularly or that we should exercise more and regularly during the week. But taking the actual step from knowing what we should do to actually doing it is often times a hard one and we get stuck overthinking our actions or doing something else entirely.

To ease this step and actually start getting things done we can try to take advantage of our our existence as a creature of habits and form useful ones that help us achieve our goals in life.

 The Two Day Rule is the tool that can help us doing so

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